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Bishop Vincent Leslie
Lady Ardys Leslie

Bishop Vincent M. Leslie is a native of Huntsville Alabama. He is the Senior Pastor and prophetic voice at Abundant Life Discipleship Church. 


In 2012 Bishop Leslie founded Abundant Life Ministries in Duluth, Georgia with the vision given through the passage of scripture John 10:10 that invokes the ultimate ministry goal is to "Become relevant and effective in the lives of God's people" with a church motto of: "Real people, real issues, looking for real answers".


In 2014 April 6th Bishop Leslie along with his wife obeyed the voice of God and transitioned from a Saturday night Bible study to a Church. Years later Abundant Life  is not only impacting the metro Atlanta area but globally through  the digital world


Bishop Leslie has a word that brings healing, deliverance, and restoration to your life to not only encourage but to equip, empower, and establish you in the Kingdom of God by the power of the Holy Ghost. 


Vincent is also a Saxophonist, He played Gospel Music on many platforms as opening acts for events and national recording artists with a noticed gift through music. 


Serving faithfully by his side is his lovely wife Pastor Ardys Leslie. After 21 years living in Atlanta, they now reside in Greenville South Carolina. 

Together they are the proud parents of four beautiful daughters & 1 grandson. 


Lady Ardys Leslie is affectionately known as a passionate spirit-filled firecracker teacher and inspirational speaker who has a unique gift to reach the unreachable by sharing her multifaceted testimony openly with a high demographic being women. She aims to empower all people to embark on life with a wholeness paradigm by sharing bible principles to help get people to the core of their healing once and for all in every area of their life.

Through the transparency of her own journey with Christ, she realizes greatness in the kingdom requires a desire to serve others. With a servant's heart, her mission is to empower, motivate, and uplift individuals to achieve a whole mind, body, and soul. Her desire is to see many reach their full potential and walk in true freedom and deliverance while positively impacting the lives by leaving people better than they were prior to meeting her. 


Ardys Leslie is also a Master Hair Stylist; owner of “Her Hair Xtensionz”, Mentor Me Masterclass, Co-founder of Leslie enterprise and Leslie lessons of love university. 


She is a mother of 2 adult daughters and 2 step daughters, one grandson. 


Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube 

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