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Welcome! We don't know how your marriage has always been, but we do know any marriage can always be better.




Better in communication

Better in sex

Better in prayer together 

Better in agreement 

Better in understanding 

Better in strength

Better in friendship 

Better at resolving conflict 

Better at being vulnerable, transparent & honest 

If "BETTER" in certain areas of your marriage sounds like the thing your marriage needs, allow us to help you with our 8 week Better Your Marriage & Mindset Workshop! 


In as little as 8 weeks you can create the thriving marriage you want and deserve online. Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call to meet the Leslie’s and get your questions answered—On this call you will get all of your questions answered and ensure if we’re the right fit for you and if you are a great fit for this pre-marital and marriage enhancement program. You will receive all the tools you need to build A BETTER Christian Marriage


Facilitated by Bishop Vincent and Pastor Ardys, our Better Your Marriage & Mindset Workshop is designed to uncover and resolve your roadblocks to a loving, connecting relationship. In this 8 Week workshop, we focus on:


  • Building friendship 

  • Resolving Past Relationship Trauma

  • Getting your Needs Heard & Met

  • Rekindling Intimacy

  • Blended families-In laws & children 

  • Getting back to loving, laughing & learning together 

  • How to face different seasons in marriage. 

  • And so much more 


Note: All programs, courses, sessions & workshops are available in multiple modalities:


•Live video sessions

•Marriage assessments 

•Daily marital text messages 

•Weekly newsletter  

•20 minute, One-to-One Private coaching   

• All Access Pass to the private (couples only)Facebook group 

•Homework assignments 


To Receive Your Customize Investment For Your Program Click The Link Below To Schedule Your Call :  


**limited spots available **

Just Imagine That This One-Click Has The Power To Completely Make Your Marriage Even BETTER!  CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR FREE CALL!

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